Green Kenya Foundation’s founders recognized that; First, the earth (biosphere) on which life exists is on peril and the local societies as a whole would need to shift to a more sustainable way of life if we were to cope with then-looming issues as profound and varied as climate change, energy security and global healthcare. Second, that man has uniquely placed business activities to accelerate the shift to sustainability and to benefit from doing so.

Green Kenya Foundation was born as a means to inspire and support the transformational civil society leadership necessary to make this happen. 

Our vision of a just and sustainable Green Economy for present and future gen­erations underpins everything we do.

Our team is diverse and works to establish global partnerships, combining best practices in science, expert facilitation skills and deep knowledge of sustainability issues and trends across a wide range of sectors.

Our mission
through our hybrid nature is to work with many of the world’s largest corporations, with numerous engagements turning into lasting relationships of a decade or more.

As a think tank, we play a leading role in shaping and interpreting the ever-evolving business sustainability landscape. Our highly-ac­claimed research spans topics as diverse as climate change, the fu­ture of globalization, access to food and continued education, energy security, lobbying, governance, supply chains and corporate accountability. Through these efforts we gain unparalleled insight into the issues and opportunities facing our communities.

As consultants we offer services designed to address all aspects of corporate responsibility and lay a foundation on sustainability strategy and implementation. In particular, we help communities to anticipate the future impact of global issues on their lives, develop and implement strategic responses, and evaluate progress.

Our extensive knowledge and years of experi­ence across a wide range of environmental issues enable us to quickly zero in on the key challenges facing each community, and every engagement helps inform the new directions towards sustainable development.

“We develop and champion strategies to help nation to accelerate and benefit from society’s shift to sustainability towards vision 2030”.

We focus on impact:

Our commitment
to a just and sustainable world for present and future generations is the foundation of the innovative approaches to problems affecting our local communities. We gauge our own success by evaluating the impact we create on implementing our approaches and provide a platform from which to develop new ideas.

We leverage the creativity of our unique team and network.